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Setting up an ISO 9001 complaint management system typically takes between four to six months and requires the following steps:

  • The Design and Build work phase includes creating and developing the structure of the quality management system, the process and its implementation. The design is led by senior managers using a framework to suit the needs of the organisation. Our approach is to use a framework that allows for the determination of the organisation’s core processes, well-defined goals and strategies, and is linked to the needs of the primary stakeholders. The involvement and buy-in to the system must also come from all other functions across the value chain above.
  • Deployment and implementation is the next phase in setting up the QMS. We work closely with our client’s team using process packages for deployment and implementation. Each core process is broken down into sub-processes, and described by a combination of documentation, education, training, tools, systems and metrics. Electronic deployment via Intranets could also be an option, depending on our client’s business scope and budget.
  • The Control measures for an integrated QMS depends on the size and complexity of the organisation. Our proposed ISO 9001 compliant system is site-based, and requires local audits and reviews, even where structures for central reviews exist. We ensure that the design for local controls is effective, and that key stakeholders are documented within processes and process owners are allowed to control all their processes. Our approach would, ideally, require that process owners / operators are involved in writing procedures. Ultimately, they are responsible for managing their processes in the long-run.

Is your organisation ISO certified? If No, kindly speak to a Leitung Gate Limited consultant as we initiate your organisation’s certification process.

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