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Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Our Inspection Services

Comprises Pre-production, Production, Post Production, Pre-shipment and Post Delivery Inspections designed to assess products at various production stages, manufacturing processes and facilities, and to validate conformity to specified requirements. The goal of our Inspection Service is to make sure that our customers’ requirements and the specifications are understood, appropriately documented, and that vendors’ have the competence, processes and infrastructure  to deliver to specification.

Depending on the nature of the products and manufacturing risk rating, a desktop review of the vendors operating facility and processes maybe carried out prior to the onsite inspections.

What We Do During Inspections

We typically  sample input raw materials, including production and packaging raw materials, and any other key components required to fulfill clients’ requirements. Our inspectors also evaluate the contractual relationships between the vendor/manufacturer and the impact these may have on the vendor’s available operating capacity. Other considerations include: production schedules, maintenance plans, samples of manufactured products, in-house quality control records and the competencies of key personnel.

Typical Inspection Leads

  • Is the production line ready to be deployed immediately the order is placed?
  • Have all the customer’s requirements and specifications been correctly interpreted and understood?
  • Have all elements of the manufacturers quality assurance and control plan been verified OK before large-scale production?
  • Are there unresolved corrections and corrective actions that potentially threaten the integrity of the manufacturing and packaging process?

The Leitung Gate Advantage

Our team works closely with clients to guide the personalization of the Inspection Plans to cover any idiosyncrasies of vendors’/manufacturers’  operating context – location, technological and regulatory environments.

This enables our clients make realistic projections on production schedule, costs and possible challenges associated with working with a vendor.  Ultimately, our clients’ legal teams are better informed in providing contractual covenants that accommodate such risks and protect the clients legally.

Protracted clarification requests resulting from communication gap between both parties are eliminated, ultimately saving all parties time, costs and preserves business relationships on the right footing!