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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERPs) are modular applications that installed and used as online and/or offline tools to document, measure, analyse and control the resources and processes within an organization.

They serve to provide a platform for quantitatively assessing process performance, while simultaneously ensuring tightly integrated functions across the organization.

Our solutions  are proven platforms for efficiently managing capital, equipment, material, intelligence, processes and human resources.

Quality Management System (QMS) ERP Application Module

Documentation & Document Control:

Document Amendment/Change Addition Deletion Requests, Corrective Preventive Actions, Audit Management, Non-Conformities, Document control.


Project Management (PM) Application Module

Project Initialization, & Realization, Project Accounting, Project Resource, Planning Program, Cost Accounting.


Human Resource (HR) Application Module

Employee Records, Employee Appraisals, Employee Trainings, Training Records, Training Evaluation.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application Module

Contact & Opportunity Management, Proposal & Follow ups, Contract Management, Sales quotes & Orders, Customer Portal.


Manufacturing Management (MM) Application Module

Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Work Orders, Quality Management, Repetitive Manufacturing, Capacity Planning, Physical Inventory.


Supplier Management (SM) Application Module

Supplier Quotes, Purchase Orders, Contract Purchasing, Supplier Releasing, Material Supply.