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Client’s Profile Our client (NGL) manufactures emulsion explosives like ammonium nitrate, detonating cord, electric detonators, non-electric detonators (nonel) etc, emulsion cartridge & bulk site mixing emulsion,sales of mining chemicals.Memorandum and Articles of Association and subsequent licences permit the Company to engage in Importation, marketing and sales of Commercial or Civil Explosives.
Asset Management, Risk Management & Certification Consultancy
Pre-Implementation  Our client (NGL) identified the need to develop a management framework to fulfil a number of development outcomes, including:

1.       Implementing an organizational wide document control

2.       Optimisingtheirproduct realization pathway

3.       Performance benchmarking for process performance

Solution We commenced the process of developing the scope, product realization pathway, system documentation, document control processes, and other frameworks for the implementation of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Operational Health and Safety Management System.

With the implementation of these standards, we have been successful in solving the challenges thus:

1.       Training and capacity development of personnel to drive effectiveness and bridge knowledge gap.

2.       Designing and implementing risk-based management systems that conform with international bestpractice standards advocated by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

3.       We use these strategic tools and guidelines to help the organisation tackle some of the most demanding challenges of their business.

4.       Developed a reliable frameworkfor managing departmental processes and activities.

5.       We deployed a control of non-conforming products

6.       Customers Satisfaction etc.

Post- Implementation After the implementation of these standards byLeitung Gate Limited, a new generation has emerged, NGL has received the benefits that thousands of ISO certificated organisations enjoy.

These include an expanded market, higher levels of operating efficiencies, significant rise in customersatisfaction rating, increase in profitability and reduced costs.