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Improving Customer Satisfaction Through ISO 9001 Certification

We all know that retaining loyal and happy customers is the key to any successful business, but the consumer world is not always easy to please. Getting the customer experience right, then, is imperative. From handling customers complaints to ensuring they get the best service is a process which every business should take seriously as it can have an effect on their bottom line since companies that perform well in customer experience tend to have higher revenues and returns on investments.  Also, most customers don’t go back to a company if they have a bad experience.

Through the implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, customer satisfaction can be greatly improved as the standard contains a Customer Satisfaction clause where the personnel of a company must pay close attention to how they can properly satisfy the customers that give them business.

However, to begin any kind of customer satisfaction process, the company will need to first identify what will give them signs of whether the customers are happy with the service or not. This can be done by conducting surveys or evaluating data.

Along with making sure customers are satisfied, the business will also need to come up with a completion time for any solutions that they will implement, as well as follow a set method of continuing to collect the data that will tell them how they are doing as a company.

With the consistent review of documented data and delegation of responsibility to each individual department, the company’s plan will basically consist of assessing customer satisfaction, creating a plan of action to improve it, and following up to make sure it stays that way.

With the above in place and the other key elements of the ISO 9001 standard, you will notice a marked improvement in the level of satisfaction customers get from your product/services through improved patronage and referrals while complaints decrease.  


  1. Boosts quality control and product consistency — ISO requires you to have a solid quality control system for products and customer service. This can include developing quality management processes, monitoring product quality and conducting internal audits. Quality control also helps you ensure product consistency and such a system can help you make sure customers get their products/services on time and in an efficient manner. “You save money because you’re not redoing jobs and you can find the root cause of problems.”
  2. Improves complaint management — managing customer complaints well is important for staying on your customers’ good side. It also gives you information you can use to improve your business. ISO requires a system of recording client complaints and regularly evaluating them so you can improve operations. A 2012 review of 82 studies on ISO found that one of the top benefits of getting certified was reduced customer complaints.
  3. Helps build a client focused team — Standards can help you foster a customer-focused business. The certification process rallies everyone from managers on down to ensure consistent efforts aimed at making customers happy.


To get ISO 9001 certification, you will need to prepare your company to implement the set guidelines. The rest of the process will include documenting this data, implementing the regulations, and going through an internal audit before certification is granted.

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