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About Us


Leitung Gate Limited provides integrated strategic risk planning and management services across functions, units and departments for sustainable organisational growth.


We provide Technical Inspection and Audit Services, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Personnel Training and Certification, and Management Systems Consultancy Services to corporate and public institutions. Through our technical expertise, creative thinking, strong relationships and broad based experience, we find unique solutions to clients’ challenges.


Our approach to operational risk management is to consider businesses as organic systems composed of deeply entwined parts. Thus, we recognize that private and public institutions can only achieve sustainable growth through optimal planning, consistent goal setting, a competent work force, and a strong self-audit structure.


We know that no organic system exists in isolation, but is dependent on its environment. Hence, we continually engage our clients to find ways to add greater value to them within their operating environmental contexts and idiosyncrasies; knowing that our growth is conditioned on theirs . . .

Operating Licences/Certifications

Our Management Team

Our Vision

To be the leading private sector enabler of sustainable organisations in Nigeria, working in partnership with entrepreneurs, corporations, communities, trade associations,  government and donor agencies.

Our Mission

To help organisations achieve their growth potentials and long term goals sustainably through the application of strategic planning tools.

Our Core Values

Our vision and mission are anchored on our core values of Passion, Excellence, Innovation; Selflessness and Integrity. These combine to form our culture and work ethic, and defines the standard our clients can expect.

A long term goal for us is to remove the affordability barrier to SME certification, while opening up more options for personnel training and certification for employees of SME organisations, interns and junior-to-middle level civil servant by providing them access to partial financing, scholarships and significant discounts.

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Our Goals for 2019

Support the certification of 200 SME organisations to ISO 9001:2015 in 2019
Facilitate the training of 750 working class professionals in Nigeria
Provide internship and career mentoring opportunities to 20 fresh graduates
Facilitate one international stakeholders' conference on the challenges of SME quality assurance management system certification

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